Frequently Asked Questions

What is MinuteCE?

MinuteCE is a mobile online resource offering a wide range of CE/CME accredited and unaccredited programs in a variety of medical fields. Programs are broken down into modules that are 5 minutes or less. After viewing each short module, you can complete a brief test to bank your time to earn credit. Whether you are a nurse, physician, dietitian, or pharmacist, every minute you watch can be applied towards your continuing education credits.

Who is MinuteCE for?
MinuteCE is for anyone who has the desire to learn efficiently and make the most of their time. It is a mobile learning application allowing you to learn anywhere, anytime.

Does it cost to join MinuteCE?
There is no cost to join MinuteCE and all programs on MinuteCE are free of charge.

Will MinuteCE impact my mobile data plan?
We suggest using wifi to view the MinuteCE programs.  To keep data rates low our videos are optimized for viewing on a cellular network.

How do I receive my certificate?
You can receive your certificate instantly via email by clicking on the certificate icon located on the “My CE Bank” page.

Do I need to complete the entire program prior to receiving my credit?
For Physician AMA PRA Category 1 Credit™ certificates are issued based on a minimum of .25 hours completed.  Currently for Nursing and other categories, you must complete all of the modules within the program to earn credits.

Do new certificates replace old certificates?
Yes, each time a certificate is requested, our system sends an updated version. Please make sure you do not submit multiple certificates to your state agency.  Each certificate will list the modules completed within that certificate.

How do I locate you if I have a support question?
Please click on the Contact Us button at the bottom of the page to submit any questions that you may have.